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Mission Statement

ABL’s Mission is to satisfy our customer’s service needs with quality service which our customer’s define as fixing all known and potential problems right the first time, in a timely manner, and at an equitable price. 


ABL Electronic Service, Inc. was founded in September of 1972, as a service organization dedicated to customer satisfaction and quality service. ABL opened the Dearborn location in October of 1978 and the Southfield location in November of 1988. The Southfield location originally opened on Orchard Lake Road and moved to the 10 Mile Road location.

In 1972 ABL began as an in-home TV service business. Today we still offer in-home TV, LED TV and Projection TV service as well as carry-in service. In the mid 1970’s ABL settled permanently in Madison Heights and developed into a first-rate service company specializing in high-end consumer audio components and professional audio equipment. ABL began servicing consumer VCRs and Beta Max systems as they were introduced in the early 1980’s. ABL expanded it’s video expertise to include commercial video in 1982. In 1985 - 1987 ABL became a manufacturer’s service center for broadcast quality video equipment with endorsements from Sony Broadcast and Professional, Panasonic Pro, and JVC Pro companies. ABL is the premiere servicer of Audio, TV, and Video equipment in Michigan.

ABL has performed service on computer controlled equipment since the earliest introduction of micro processors into the mass market. ABL established a Computer Division in 1984 that specialized in the support of IBM compatible computers, Apple Macintosh computers, and all peripherals. The computer division has expanded and grown from one in-house technician to 7 in-house technicians and 2 dedicated road technicians.

ABL developed its own UNIX based information system software, called The Service Center, in the mid 1980s. The developer has since left ABL and established the software as an industry standard. The software reduces our overhead by providing automated work order tracking, parts ordering, billing, report generation, and a host of other automated processes. ABL runs the software on a UNIX server with terminals located throughout the main building and satellite facilities.

ABL is a member of the Greater Detroit Chamber of Commerce, the Michigan State Chamber of Commerce, the Madison Heights Chamber of Commerce, NESDA and NARDA. 


ABL currently has a Customer Service facility located in Madison Heights Michigan at 314 E 14 Mile road. All repairs are performed in a separate technical center located in Troy Michigan, a short distance away from the Madison Heights building. Our numerous Road Techs provide service for a major portion of Southeastern Michigan.
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