ABL Shipping Form

ABL Electronic Service, Inc.  Shipping Form

SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS Before SHIPPING your product for service, please fill out the following form. Before you submit the form print a copy and place it in the box with your product.  When shipping your product, package it carefully using at least 3" of packing material on all sides to avoid damage.  Insure the package for the value of the product and ship PREPAID via UPS, FEDEX or DHL.  Include a detailed description of the problem in the field supplied at the bottom of this form.

DIAGNOSTIC FEE INFORMATION The following DIAGNOSTIC FEES are REQUIRED before we can start the repair of your product.  These fees are applied to all completed repairs and are the minimum fee charged on all estimates.  If paying by credit card please click on the check box which authorizes us to bill your credit card.  We will call once the product is received for your credit card information.  DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER IN THE BOX.
I authorize ABL Electronics to bill my credit card.

DIAGNOSTIC FEE STRUCTURE The following diagnostics fees apply to non-warranty repairs:
$79.95 Consumer Audio, CD, DVD and Video
$89.95 Consumer Camcorder, Computer and Digital Still Products
$99.95 Commercial Products
$109.95 Projectors, CAD equipment and High Definition equipment

I am a dealer/service provider shipping product

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Please describe the problem with the product

RETURN INSTRUCTIONS The unit will be returned to you via Fedex, UPS or DHL Standard Ground. It will be sent "Signature Required" to ensure that you have recieved your equipment. If you will not be available to sign for the package, Please indicate below that you are declining the "Signature Required" feature. Or you can have the package delivered to an alternate address.

Decline "Signature Required" Security Feature
I will decline the  security feature of "Signature Required" and take full responsibity of the delivery of the package.

Ship to different address:
I wish to have "Signature Required" in effect but wish to have the unit shipped to a different address.

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